Paleis van Mieris - travelling exhibition space
Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, 2018
The Future of Travel, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam 2018

Paleis van Mieris is an artist initiative based in Amserdam. From 2014 it organizes exhibitions and events, in which we sometimes participated ourselves, often introducing guest artists. Paleis van Mieris doesn't have a permanent place and travels from one temporary space to another. This nomadic state means we need to be flexible and adopt, adapt and improve to the fleeting situations and places. The booth at Supermarket Art Fair was used as a project space and filled with a travelling time space capsule. This capsule was a Gesammtkunstwerk consisting of individual works, objects and remnants from past exhibitions organized at Paleis van Mieris. They were brought together in a constellation, assembled in one big shipping crate, fitting in the exhibition booth. The shipping crate was preprefabricated and transported as a whole from Amsterdam and unfolded at Supermarktet Art Fair in Stockholm.

Back in Amsterdam the crated formed part of the exhibition The Future of Travel in Corridor PS. The exhibition told the stories of travelling art works including their packages and travel documents.

Paleis van Mieris is formed by Marc van Dijk, Vincka Struben, Barbara Dubbeldam, Sander ter Steege, Ovidiu Spaniol, Maarten Schuuman, Steffen Vogelezang and Esther Brakenhoff.
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