Terms, conditions and agreement
screenprint, installation, conversation, 2024
in collaboration with Maarten Schuurman
During one of the first events at ps.kot we live screen printed the  Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement (the Artist's Contract) by Seth Siegelaub as a discussion piece. The Artist's Contract was set up to create a more fair position for the artist when selling a work, in profitsharing when a work is resold, and the exhibition and profenance rights. Since it’s first publication in 1971 there has been a lot of talk and critique on different elements within the contract. We are very interested in the relevancy of this contract for artists nowadays. What is lacking, what needs updating, are there contemporary alternatives for this contract?
During Supermarket Independent Art Fair 2024 we set up a screen print studio in the exhibition stand where we live printed a draft for a new artist’s contract. The draft contract including sticky notes is a new conversation piece between the artists, art spaces and visitors of the Supermarket Art Fair. The screen printed contracts were free to take.

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